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Chongqing Visit

Time:2018.07.12     Read:1118

The city is rich in cultural heritage,
It\'s built on a mountain, the terrain is high and low,
Landscape design according to local conditions, quite local characteristics.
What are the characteristics of local landscape design?
BLSI Burlison Landscape In order to satisfy the curiosity of employees,
In early June, some employees
Top Chinese and Modern Landscape to Chongqing
Real estate has been studied and inspected.


















 My friends who have returned from the expedition are sharing their experiences and experiences.

Each time the survey returns, the designers \'achievements are very rich. At the scene, they can not only feel the effects of various on-site space demonstrations, but also understand the characteristics of certain designs or certain materials, and learn from their own designs in the future. Create a better design! 




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