BLSI bolesong landscape planning and design firm is an international service for the brand of professional design agencies, with the top domestic and international planning and design strength, is the most innovative at home and abroad and international vision of the landscape design agencies, to provide customers with new , Creative, in line with international standards, while meeting the local design specifications of the design and services. Is the China Landscape Architecture Association (CHSLA) and the Shenzhen Landscape Association members.

BLSI is committed to residential high-end residential landscape design, park & public space planning and design, hotel and tourism resort, commercial space landscape design, high-tech park landscape design.  Company customer base is mainly composed of
vanke  China Overseas shimao group Red Star Holdings Ltd Sunac JinMao Greentown Excellence Group Kaisa Financial Street Longfor 
LongFor and other top 100 enterprises, and with a number of national first-class developers to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relations, Currently has a large and stable customer base. In order to strengthen international cooperation and form a competitive competitive advantage, the design team is composed of a group of excellent landscape designers from the United States, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and China with experience in the international top design agencies, providing high quality design service. The core design team is composed of excellent designers with more than 10 years of work experience.


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